About the EC Committee

The Earth Celebration (EC) Committee is led by the Chairman (Sado Mayor), and is a collaborative organization composed of the municipal government agency as well as independent entities. Production planning, venue management, and event production is led by Kodo, the City of Sado and other organizations together, and the festival is run with the support of countless volunteers, seasonal hires and a team of professional staff. This year marks the 29th year of the festival.


Recognized as an event promoting exchange and experiential programs, the Earth Celebration honors the nature of Sado, its cultural traditions and local resources. In 2008 it was awarded the Furusato Event First Prize by the Prime Minister, and in 2009 the festival received The Tiffany Foundation Award for the Preservation of Japanese Traditional Arts and Culture in Contemporary Society.

In 2016, with a new EC in mind, the Committee formed the EC Project Planning Association with numerous local residents active throughout the island to plan, create and curate programs for the festival.

Presented by Sado City and Kodo Cultural Foundation
Managed by Earth Celebration Committee

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