This year, asides from the main venues of EC located in the Ogi area, we encourage you to take advantage of the overnight programs in other regions of Sado. Lodging in the Ogi area fills up quickly for EC, so be sure to make your reservations early. You can call the Sado Tourism Association (in Japanese or English) to help you find an available room. Please note that some lodges offer only shared rooms and/or no meal service during EC.



Sado Tourism Association South Sado Brunch

1F Marine Plaza Ogi, 1935-26 Ogimachi, Sado, Niigata, 952-0604 , Japan

Tel. 0259-86-3200

Email: niigata.cool@rose.plala.or.jp

Sado Tourism Association

2F Ryotsu Port, Terminal Bldg., 353 Ryotsu-minato, Sado, Niigata, 952-0014, Japan

Tel. 0259-27-5000

Email: info@visitsado.com

Guide to Overnight Programs

From the Experience Ondeko and Exchange Overnight Tour to the Experience Sado programs, we have planned a variety of overnight programs that take participants to farm guesthouses and traditional Japanese inns. We welcome you to participate in these unique journeys. For more details, please visit our Events page.


There are numerous campsites within the island of Sado where you can enjoy nature. As an EC-Related event, we are happy to announce Experience EC with Snow Peak Staff program which will be held in Auto Park Sawata located at the center of Sado (*this program is available only to Snow Peak Point Members). Take this opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors of Sado.

Sobama Campground

The closest campground to the main venue in Ogi, Sobama campground features a rare sandy bathing beach with translucent waters. Enjoy swimming in the ocean and barbecuing on the beach.


Kobie, Sado (15 minutes by car from Ogi Port)


Grills, bathrooms, showers, vending machines

* barbeque sets, blankets, toaster ovens, cooking sets are

Facility usage fee (per night)

bring your own tent 2pp and up 1,200 yen; 1pp 600 yen

Cleaning fee

300 yen (elementary school students 150 yen)

For more information

Sado Tourism Association (Minami Sado Branch ~ July 9)  Tel. 0259-86-3200

Sobama Campground (July 10 ~ Aug. 28) Tel. 0259-86-2363

* the opening date for Sobama campground may change.

Auto Park Sawata*During the EC-Related event Experience EC with Snow Peak Staff, from Aug. 26 (Fri) ~ 28 (Sun), the entire campsite will be closed to the public.


1469 Yamada, Sado (45 minutes by car from Ryoetsu Port, 60 minutes by car from Ogi Port)


Showers, laundry, flushing toilets, sinks, electrical outlets, dog run

Facility usage fee

First night 6,500 yen per night

Second night 6,000 yen per night

Third night on~ 5,500 yen per night

*If using a camper, there is an additional fee of 1,000 yen per vehicle per night.

For more information

Auto Park Sawata  Tel. 0259-52-3351