Harbour Market

The Harbour Market is a marketplace where people naturally have the opportunity to mingle and exchange. For the first time this year the market will collaborate with the mobile outdoor art project Cinema Caravan, and have a new look. More details coming soon!



Cinema Caravan

Created around the concept to “PLAY with the Earth,” this assembly of artists aims to create a space for information exchange to connect towns and people through a live medium. With the Zushi Beach Film Festival as a starting point, the company is active in both domestically and internationally.

Date & Time

Aug. 26 (Fri) ~ 28 (Sun) 10:00~22:00 (on Aug. 28 (Sun) the Caravan operates until 21:00)


Ogi Port Park

Set Up a Stall at Harbour Market!

With a view of the ocean, why not open up your own stall this year? This year we have a new program for those who are opening or hoping to open a restaurant or shop in Sado. The “EC Sado Challenge Shop” framework offers half-price vendor fees. Applications for vendors will be accepted from May 11 (Wed) ~ June 10 (Fri). Use this form (available only in Japanese) to apply.

Vendor Requirements
Operating dates & hours

Aug. 26 (Fri) ~ 28 (Sun) 10:00~22:00 each day (on Aug. 28 (Sun) until 21:00)

Load-in / Load-out

Load-in: Aug. 25 (Thur) afternoon / Load-out Aug. 29 (Mon) by 12:00

(* The Ogi Port Matsuri begins on Aug. 29 (Mon) and beginning that afternoon, the venue is handed over to the Ogi Port Matsuri organizers. Harbour Market vendors must load-out by 12:00.)


Ogi Port Park (Ogi-machi, Sado-shi, Niigata Prefecture 952-0604)

Stall types

(A) Restaurants other than cafés (3.6m wide x 3.6m deep)

(B) Cafés (coffee, cakes, etc.) only (3.6m wide x 3.6m deep)

(C) Non-food stalls (3.6m wide x 3.6m deep)

(D) Non-food stalls (2m wide x 3.6m deep)

Stall types assignments (especially A and B) will be determined by the organizers. Use the application form to input your products (menu items).

Vendor fees

(A) 26,000 yen + 10% profits (Challenge Shops are 13,000 yen + 5% profits)

(B) 26,000 yen

(C) 20,000 yen

(D) 14,000 yen

About the EC Sado Challenge Shop

This opportunity is open those who are hoping or planning to open up a restaurant or other retail business in Sado in the future. Vendor fees under the “ED Sado Challenge Shop” framework are half price. We welcome entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about taking on the challenge!

* If you are applying for the “EC Sado Challenge Shop” under Desired Stall Type, please mark both “Vendor Stall” as well as “EC Sado Challenge Shop” on the application form when submitting. You must also submit a separate resumè (required).

* There are a limited number of vendors that will be designated “EC Sado Challenge Shop.” After the selection process, vendors will be notified of the status of their application.

Traffic Management Cooperation Fee

3,500 yen / per car

Load-in date & time

Parking permits will be provided, valid from Aug. 25 (Thur) 13:00~18:00 and Aug. 26 (Fri) ~ 28 (Sun) 9:00~22:00 (on Aug. 28 (Sun) until 21:00).

  • The Cooperation Fee will pay for Parking Lot attendants.
  • Trucks, microbuses and other larger-sized vehicles are subject to additional fees. Please contact us for more information.
Vendor standards and selection process

Please detail the highlights and characteristics of your stall in the Appeal column of the application. In the case of conflicting applications, the EC Festival Director will make the final decision.

(1) For restaurants and food stalls

  • Dishes that include Sado-grown or Sado-made produce or products
  • Dishes local to Sado or restaurants already operating on the island
  • Vendors who are hoping or planning to open up a restaurant in Sado in the future (EC Sado Challenge Shop)
  • Dishes prepared with safe ingredients including organic produce or known/local farmers
  • Cuisine specific to international regions

(2) For retail stalls

  • Crafts or artisan items made in Sado
  • Products manufactured in Sado
  • Vendors who are hoping or planning to open up a retail store in Sado in the future (EC Sado Challenge Shop)
  • Vendors selling self-made craft items
  • Handmade or homemade items, craft items created by traditional artisans
  • Organic, fair trade products
  • Outdoor products
  • Musical instruments, clothing and accessories specific to international regions
  • Vendors who can provide workshops to customers in addition to selling one of the above items

The following vendors will not be permitted:

(1) Selling or handling products that may disturb or harm public peace and order.

(2) Selling or handling counterfeit goods (selling another person’s products as your own or creating fake or altered products) or copied goods (infringing upon copyrights or registered product designs).

(3) Vendors with unpaid or outstanding fees from past stalls.

Other notes
  • A and B-type stall assignments will be determined by the organizers. Use the application form to input your menu items.
  • Electrical power is limited within the park so retail stalls will be limited to light bulbs up to 100W and food stalls will be permitted 500~1000W. Heated lamps, microwaves, electric rice cookers will not be permitted.
  • Light bulbs, extension cables, tents, tables and other necessary items must be provided by each vendor.
  • Food stalls must have permits from the Sado Health Center in order to operate. Further details will be provided separately.
  • In the event of changes in the environment or weather that may cause harm to customers, the event may be canceled at the organizer’s discretion.
  • This year, the venue for the Fringe will be a special temporary stage set up within the Harbour Market.
  • There are no Shiroyama Concerts this year.
How to apply

Beginning May 11 (Wed) fill out the application form on this site completely and submit.


June 10 (Fri)

Application status

Vendors will receive notification by July 11 (Mon). Please note that space is limited and not all applications may be accepted.


Earth Celebration Planning Committee (Director: Negishi)
  • 〒952-0611Kodo Cultural Foundation 148-1 Ogikaneta Shinden, Sado, Niigata Prefecture 952-0611
  • Tel. 0259-81-4100(Weekday 9:30~17:00)Fax. 0259-86-3631
  • Email: ec-info@kodo.or.jp