Minakuchi Bayashi Lecture & Demonstration

Minakuchi Bayashi is the music that is performed for large festivals atop a hikiyama (festival float) at Minakuchi Shrine in Koka city in Shiga Prefecture. This style of music is highly popular throughout Japan and features melodies that are reminiscent of jazz, mambo, and contain characteristic tempo changes. For this occasion, performers from Shiga will share the key points embedded in the music as well as the history of the festival. Experience up close and personal live performance and for some volunteers the chance to try it out themselves! Indulge yourself in this time with our special guests. Kodo’s own Tomohiro Mitome will be participating in the performance!



Navigator : Eri Uchida (Kodo)(Left)

Participating Performer : Tomohiro Mitome (Kodo)(Right)

Instructor Bios

Kazuhito Nomura (Minakuchi Bayashi Minakuchi Shosha) 

Navigator: Eri Uchida (Kodo)

Nomura was born and raised in Tenjincho, home to the hikiyama festival float used in Minakuchi in Koga city in Shiga Prefecture. Since he was a child he was drawn to Minakuchi Bayashi and succeeded the lineage of performers known as the masters of the town housing the hikiyama. Currently he is the representative of Minakuchi Bayashi Minakuchi Shosha which he founded in 2001 to preserve and propagate the 300 year old art form. He is active throughout Japan in educating the public about Minakuchi Bayashi and since 2014 he has been teaching the form at Kodo Apprentice Centre.

Date & Time

Aug. 27 (Sat) 14:00~15:30


Marine Plaza Ogi 2F


3,000 yen (free for middle school students and under)






Kazuhito Nomura (Minakuchi Bayashi Minakuchi Shosha)


Eri Uchida (Kodo)


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