Experience Onidaiko: Two-day Overnight Tour (Kasuga, Hamakawachi, Minamikatabe)

Until now, you may have experienced Kasuga Onidaiko, Hamakawachi Onidaiko and Minamikatabe Ontaiko through EC workshops. This year, join us for the first-ever two-day, overnight tour where you will be able to experience on of the three companies in their home villages and visit the shrines and garages where they rehearse for their matsuri performances. At the end of the two days, participants from all three villages will come together at the Harbour Market for a special presentation. Come enjoy mingling with the local youth and immerse yourself in the authentic art in the lives of each village.




Date & Time

Aug. 27 (Sat) Meet at Ryotsu Port 12:45

Aug. 28 (Sun) Dismissal at Ogi 18:00


20,000 yen (includes workshop fees, fees for walking tours of the towns, accommodations, lunch on the 27th, breakfast and lunch on the 28th)


High school age and up


8pp per course


Aug. 27 (Sat) [All groups] 13:00 Ondeko Lecture (I-Port Sado)

[Kasuga Ondeko] 15:00 Workshop, 18:00 Social gathering with younger players

[Hamakawachi Ondeko] 15:30 Workshop, 18:30 Social gathering with younger players

[Minamikatabe Ontaiko] 16:00 Workshop, 19:00 Social gathering with younger players

Aug. 28 (Sun) Morning     Each group goes on walking tour of respective towns (with guide)

11:30 Workshop

12:30 Lunch

[All groups] 15:30 Presentation at the Harbour Market Fringe (Hamakawachi, Kasuga, Minamikatabe) ~ in town Fringe (tentatively scheduled)

[All groups] 18:00 Dismissal


(1) Kasuga Village “Maruka Ryokan” (2) Hamakawachi Village “Farm Guesthouse Marusho” (3) Minamikatabe Village “Minatoso”

* For the farm guesthouse, guests will stay in a family’s home that has a permit to run a rest house and farm guesthouse. As for the meals, the facility has a permit to run a restaurant compliant with food hygiene laws. Participants will be in shared rooms. Bathrooms will be standard shared home bathrooms.

Required belongings

Bath towels and toiletries, sleep wear, clothing comfortable for movement (for the workshops)


After dismissal at 18:00 on Aug. 28 (Sun), participants may catch the bus to Ryotsu or to Aikawa both departing at 21:00 from Marine Plaza Ogi.


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