Creative Summer Camp Presentation What is uniquely Sado about living in Sado?

Creative Summer Camp is a film-making camp program for young film creators run by my Japan, the organizers of the commercial competition for celebrating the appeal of Japan worldwide.

Participants will go on-site to hunt for locations and shoot film to capture the allure of the region for PR video.  By transmitting the “now” of Japan’s outer regions, we can let the world know about the beauty of a place that perhaps even the locals aren’t aware of. This is the third year of this exciting program.

This year, participants will create video around the theme of “the uniquely Sado aspects of living in Sado.” The film projects will be screened for the general public. Please join us for this exciting presentation.



Aug. 28 (Sun) 10:00~12:00 (tentatively scheduled)


I-port Sado Multi-purpose Hall


80pp (if the event reaches capacity, we may turn audience members away at the door)


Admission is free (please feel free to stop by)

Official site

Creative Summer Camp 2016


Creative Summer Camp 2016 Sado Island Course (Director Ishiguro)