Urasenke Tea Ceremony Workshop

The instructors based in Urasenke Tea Ceremony: Sado School of Tea Ceremony Association will attentively lead this workshop.

There are two sessions: Parent-Child Tea Ceremony Experience (Course A) and General Adult Tea Ceremony Experience (Course B). We welcome you to come experience the “heart of Japan.”


Time & Date

Aug. 27 (Sat)

Course A (Parent-Child): 10:00~22:00 (60 min.) (Registration begins at 9:30)

Course B (General Adult): 13:30~15:00 (90 min.) Registration begins at 13:00)


Ogi Community Center 2F


Course A (Parent-Child Tea Ceremony Experience)

This beginners workshop can be enjoyed by parents and children alike. We hope the next generation can experience the comprehensive culture of tea ceremony.


Course B (General Adult Tea Ceremony Experience)

Tailored to foreigners who have interest in Japanese culture as well as Japanese people who have never had the opportunity to take part in this aspect of Japanese culture, this session was organized with the hopes of deepening the participants’ understanding of Japanese culture though tea ceremony. Participants will experience the spirit of the tea ceremony and cultural exchange.


Course A One adult-one child pair 2,000 yen per pair (500 yen additional fee for each additional child)

Course B One adult 2,000 yen per person

* in order to prepare enough tea and tea cakes for all participants, reservations must be made in advance for this program.


Course A: One adult-one child pair / 30 pairs maximum

* Child must be age 5 to middle school age. * Adult must be caregiver to child


Course B: 30pp

*General Adult must be high school age and above.


・Participants in western clothing must wear white socks.

・Participants in yukata must wear tabi or white socks.

* We will assist in dressing participants who provide their own yukata. In this case please arrive 30 minutes prior to the workshop.


Sado Branch School Tea Ceremony Association

How to order tickets

Please indicate the desired Course, your name, address, age and telephone number and fax your order.


Urasenke Tea Ceremony Association Sado Branch School Tea Ceremony Association

Attention: Yayoi Momoi (Sosei)

Tel. 0259-86-2212, Fax. 0259-86-2212