Sado Takigi Noh Theatre

Sado Island has a long history of Noh theater: Zeami, who is credited for perfecting the art form, was exiled to Sado Island, and the first magistrate on Sado was formerly a Noh performer. These days, Sado Island is still home to one third of Japan’s Noh stages. Nowadays one can experience more variety of Noh schools and performance styles on Sado than anywhere else in Japan. We hope you will come and experience Noh by firelight at one of these summer performances.


Date & Time

Aug. 25 (Thu) approximately 19:00-21:30  Venue opens 18:30


Sado Aikawa Kasuga Shrine Noh Stage(Aikawa Orito, Sado Island)


Adult 3,000yen(3,300yen at the door), Student(Ages 6-18) 1,500 yen(1,700yen at the door)

Presented by

Earth Celebration Committee


Sado Koryu Net
Tel. 0259-67-7995(Mon–Fri, 9:00–17:30)