Schoolhouse Sake Brewery Tour & Sado Sake Tasting

Even within Niigata prefecture famous for its sake, Sado is known for its exceptional water and rice used for its sake and has many breweries. The popular Obata Brewery, has taken on a new mode of sake brewing through its Schoolhouse Project using the former campus of Nishimikawa Elementary School. For this visit, participants will tour the brewery and taste the sake brewed on the premises.


Course Number


Date & Time

Aug. 27 (Sat) 14:40~16:00

Aug. 28 (Sun) 14:40~16:00


3,500 yen (transportation from Ogi to the site not included)


Since there will be sake tasting, you must be 20 and over





Meeting location

Marine Plaza Ogi ~ Experience Sado Program Registration Counter. From there to the site participants will take the street bus.


13:40 Meet and register at Marine Plaza Ogi

14:00  Board Ogi Line street bus towards Sawata

14:30  Disembark at Nishimikawa bus stop

14:40-16:00  Tour Schoolhouse brewery / sake tasting / respond to survey

16:30  Board Ogi Line bus at Nishimikawa bus stop towards Ogi

17:03  Disembark at Ogi, dismissal

Tour conductor

A tour conductor will travel with the group. Tour will be led by on-site staff.

In cooperation with

Obata Shuzo Sake Brewery

What to bring (Required)

Comfortable walking shoes, clothing for changing climate, rain gear in case of rain, drink.


This program will be carried out in the case of rain.

Each participant is responsible for his or her own bus fare. (610 yen one way, 30-minute ride)

A tour conductor will travel with the group. The brewery tour will be led by on-site staff.

Those with cars or rental cars may meet the group directly at Nishimikawa bus stop. When filling out your application, please make note of your preferred meeting place under Notes.