Sado Island Local Food & Folk Performing Arts Tour

In the mountain ravine there is a quiet farming town of Hamochi Osaki where you will find residents who live rich lives with a deep appreciation for nature. On this tour you will enjoy simple country cuisine and have your fill of fragrant soba as you are introduced to a host of the folk performing art forms of Hamochi Osaki. This includes the very rare opportunity to see Bunya puppetry, designated a significant intangible folk cultural asset by the Japanese government.


Course Number


Date & Time

Aug. 27 (Sat) 11:30~14:30


4,000 yen (transportation included)





Meeting location

Marine Plaza Ogi ~ Experience Sado Program Registration Counter. From there to the site participants will take a charter bus.


11:30  Meet and register at Marine Plaza Ogi

11:40  Depart Marine Plaza Ogi by charter bus

12:00  Arrive at Hamochi Osaki Community Center

12:00-14:00  Sample Osaki soba, local cuisine and enjoy performance

14:00  Depart Osaki by charter bus

17:03  Disembark at Ogi, respond to survey, dismissal

Tour conductor

A tour conductor will travel with the group. Tour will be led by on-site staff.

In cooperation with

Osaki Soba Association

What to bring (Required)

Clothing for changing climate


Please notify organizers of any food allergies.