The Home of the Crested Ibis & Shomyoji Soba

Nibo area is home to the Crested Ibis, and the residents here have developed farming methods to protect their habitat. Enjoy this relaxing day in a typical Sado fashion: take a stroll through the beautiful satoyama landscapes and taste the local soba noodles produced by the buckwheat harvested in this region.


Course Number


Date & Time

Aug. 27 (Sat) 10:00~14:00


3,500 yen





Meeting location

Sado City Hall in front of Niibo Administration Service Center parking lot

Participants will drive their own cars or rental cars to the program site.


10:00  Meet at Niibo Administration Service Center

Stroll around Niibo Shomyoji Shrine and village

12:00  Lunch / taste hand-made noodles

13:00  Stroll / Respond to survey, check-out

Tour conductor

None. An on-site instructor will guide the tour

In cooperation with

Sadonpo Nibo Shomyoji

What to bring (Required)

Car or rental car that can be driven by participant, hat, towel, drink.


Participants should arrive at the meeting location with a car or rental car that they can drive themselves.

Participants must drive from the meeting location to the program site.

Please notify organizers of any food allergies.