EXADON is a made-up word meaning Exercise + Sado + Don (the sound of taiko). Playing the taiko is a physical activity that combines aerobic exercise and intellectual engagement. Let us all enjoy the taiko, young and old, men and women alike. In this health and fitness program, we will laugh and play, refreshing our hearts, bodies and minds with joy!


Instructor Bio


Eiichi Saito (Kodo)

Born on May 7, 1963, Saito became a member of Kodo in 1982. Since then he has served as a central performer in the company, playing in concerts nationally and internationally. He has also performed and recorded music in collaboration with artist of many different genres. For years he has been known amongst his many fans for his energetic performances and has inspired audiences all over the world. He serves as the director of taiko workshop camp “Kodo Juku” and leads powerful workshops as an instructor at Morning University of Marunouchi to make the allure of the taiko known.


Date & Time

Aug. 26 (Fri) 14:00~16:00


Sado Island Taiko Centre (Tatakokan)


4,000 yen (drumstick rental included)


Middle school age and up




In Japanese only


Please use the drumsticks provided. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes for movement and bring a sweat towel for your comfort.

Free shuttle bus

From Aug. 26 (Fri) through Aug. 28 (Sun) there will be a free shuttle bus in service to and from the EC Information Centre (Marine Plaza Ogi) and Tatakokan.

To Tatakokan (departs from EC Information Center): 30 minutes prior to all workshops.

To EC Information Centre (departs from Tatakokan via Shukunegi): 20 minutes after all workshops.

To utilize the shuttle bus service, please arrive before departure times. (There is no need to reserve seats for the shuttle.)



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