Taiko x Shinobue Ensemble Workshop

You’ve played a taiko! You’ve played a fue! Now take this next step. Participants will be given music to rehearse before the workshop. After rehearsing each instrument separately, we will bring both groups together to work on what it means to play together as an ensemble. Led by Ryutaro and Yasukazu who were colleagues in Kodo, this is sure to be an unexpected collaboration between the two instruments. Experience the thrill and groove between the two sounds.


Instructor bios

taikoxfue_guest01Ryutaro Kaneko(Taiko)
A wadaiko player, Kaneko became a central member of Kodo in 1987 as a composer and director. He launched his solo career in 2007 and has since performed and held art and dance sessions in 42 countries across six continents worldwide. He developed a method of drumming taiko that does not rely on muscular strength, and also designed new chappa cymbal instrument and found a new revolutionary way of playing them. His goal is “to live as if heaven is now” and his workshops have been hailed both nationally and internationally. He is also a sound healer who uses tuning forks to integrate ancient wisdom and cutting edge technique. Kodo Apprentice Centre instructor. http://ryu-beat.com

taikoxfue_guest02Yasukazu Kano(Shinobue)

A shinobue player, Kano joined Kodo in 1987 and launched his solo artist career in 1997. He broadened the new world of shinobue while living on Sado Island and made his major debut in 2005 and has since released numerous CDs and published many song collections. He has performed over 2,000 concerts across 30 countries internationally, and has taught shinobue courses within Japan and overseas in order to reinvigorate the fue and festival culture. He has also produced music for film, TV and commercials, and has performed for the Emperor and Empress, as well as at the Milan World Expo. He has collaborated with many other artists, including a performance at the Tokyo Dome with karate world champion Rika Usami. http://www.yasukazu.com

Date& Time

Aug. 28 (Sun) 10:00~12:00


Sado Island Taiko Centre (Tatakokan)


4000 yen


Experienced taiko players (beginner level and up)

Experienced shinobue players (must able to play a simple melody and up)


Taiko 20pp、Shinobue 20pp (Choose one instrument only)


Instructions will be in Japanese but can be supplemented with English as needed.


Taiko: Participants will be working with a fuse-uchi technique on 1 shaku 6 sun (48.48cm) sized Okedaiko. Drumsticks will be provided.

Shinobue: Please prepare for the workshop by practicing and memorizing the selected song “Kumo” (Cloud) melody, in roppon choshi (B flat). Participants should provide their own roppon choshi (B flat) utamono (melodic) shinobue instruments. (If you cannot bring your own, instrument rentals will be available).

Free shuttle bus

From Aug. 26 (Fri) through Aug. 28 (Sun) there will be a free shuttle bus in service to and from the EC Information Centre (Marine Plaza Ogi) and Tatakokan.

To Tatakokan (departs from EC Information Centre): 30 minutes prior to all workshops.

To EC Information Centre (departs from Tatakokan via Shukunegi): 20 minutes after all workshops.

To utilize the shuttle bus service, please arrive before departure times. (There is no need to reserve seats for the shuttle.)



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