Voice Circle

Find your voice anew, and encounter the uniqueness of other peoples’ voices. We invite you to experience the warmth and the space during the one-time occurrence when we raise our voices together. The aim of the voice circle is to connect with others through your voice and find resonance with one other. Set your voice free, and listen to your own voice and the voices of others during our time together.



Instructor Bio


Yoko Fujimoto(KODO)

Born on July 23, 1952, Fujimoto is from Shinjuku, Tokyo. She joined Sadonokuni Ondekoza in 1976 and in 1981 she became a founding member of Kodo. After three years of performing with the company, she became the editor of the Kodo journal and instructor of the Kodo apprentice centre. In 1989 she returned to singing. Besides her performances with Kodo, she has collaborated with Chieko Kojima and Mitsue Kinjo (Ryukyu dance) on “Hanayu”, with Yoshikazu Fujimoto on “Ninin Angya”, and with third generation Japanese-American artists PJ Hirabayashi and Nobuko Miyamoto on “Triangle Project.” She is the director of the “Voice Circle” workshops. She released her debut solo album “morisa komorisa” in 2008.

Date & Time

Aug. 26 (Fri) 10:00~12:00


Sado Island Taiko Centre (Tatakokan)


3,000 yen


4th Grade and up




In Japanese only

Free shuttle bus

From Aug. 26 (Fri) through Aug. 28 (Sun) there will be a free shuttle bus in service to and from the EC Information Centre (Marine Plaza Ogi) and Tatakokan.

To Tatakokan (departs from EC Information Center) 30 minutes prior to all workshops.

To EC Information Centre (departs from Tatakokan via Shukunegi) 20 minutes after all workshops.

To utilize the shuttle bus service, please arrive before departure times. (There is no need to reserve seats for the shuttle.)



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