Drums & Voices x Kodo x Masakatsu Takagi “Yama Emi”

Some may say that the real pleasure of EC is the concerts featuring collaborations with international guests. This year we are thrilled to bring back Drums & Voices – a 2013 project of the Japan-ASEAN Friendship and Cooperation Memorial. This time, in addition to the three traditional instrumentalists from three southeast Asian countries, we welcome Anna Sato, singer from Amami Oshima, for a remarkable ensemble. We also have a special EC version of musician/projection artist Masakatsu Takagi’s “Yama Emi” complete with a Special Kodo Ensemble. Revel in this exceptional second night line-up and immerse yourself in the eternal sounds and flavors of Asia.

Date & Time

19:00 start / 20:30 end (estimated)  * Rain or shine.


Ogi Port Park Harbour Market Special Stage


Advanced tickets on sale June 16 (Fri) at 9:30.
Adult (High school age and over) 4,000 yen, Children (elementary and middle school age) 1000 yen (day-of tickets add 300 yen fee)
Harbour Market Live 3-Day Pass 10,000 yen (* 3-Day Passes are not available for children)

Preschool-age children may enter for free. No wristband is needed.


Tsuyoshi Maeda(Kodo)


Drums & Voices

Tossaporn Tassana (Thailand)

Nguyen Hai Dang (Vietnam)

Bo Thu Rain (Myanmar)

Anna Sato (Japan / Amami Oshima)

Masakatsu Takagi “Yama Emi”

Masakatsu Takagi

Emi Toko

Yoko Kumazawa

Taro Kishimoto

Special Kodo Ensemble
Chieko Kojima, Yoko Fujimoto, Motofumi Yamaguchi, Eiichi Saito, Tsuyoshi Maeda, Yosuke Kusa, Ryoma Tsurumi, Masayasu Maeda, Kodai Yoshida


1000 people (general seating)

Performer Bios

Drums & Voices
The 2013 project of the Japan-ASEAN Friendship and Cooperation Memorial, led by The Japan Foundation, brought together six traditional percussionists and vocalists from Southeast Asian countries and Japan under the theme, “new sound by traditional instruments” to tour in concert. Now, four years later, the spirit of this project continues with its revival, expanding on the legacy of the previous tour. This time the project welcomes Thai ranat player Tossaporn Tassana, Myanmar’s hsaing waing musician Bo Thu Rain, Nguyen Hai Dang, specialist in all traditional instruments from northern Vietnam, and Anna Sato, singer from Amami Oshima. In addition to a concert in Tokyo, they will be playing at the 30th annual Earth Celebration, together with Kodo.

Masakatsu Takagi “Yama Emi”
Masakatsu Takagi, projection artist and musician was born in 1979 in Kyoto and currently lives in Hyogo, in a deep valley nestled in the mountains. He has been a longtime pianist as well as a world-travelling video artist whose work has been called “moving paintings.” He has released numerous CDs and DVDs both domestically and internationally, played concerts in museums and exhibits worldwide, composed music for films and commercials, and has engaged in numerous projects that transcend disciplines and genres. In 2009 he garnered international attention as an artist when he was named one of “100 Most Respected Japanese People in the World” by Newsweek Japan. He has composed music for films directed by Mamoru Hosoda including Wolf Children and The Boy and the Beast, and Studio Ghibli’s The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness. In 2013, as part of Tokyo International Conference on African Development V, he visited and researched in Ethiopia and created the video project Utagaki. In the fall of 2015 he presented with seven accompanying musicians in his solo concert Yama Emi in Tokyo, and following a national tour, he conceived of a larger scale solo concert titled Oo Yama Emi with 15 musicians in the fall of 2016, presented at the Kyoto Okazaki Loops. His latest work includes the Yama Emi (DVD + 2 CD set) and his solo piano album Ymene with recordings from his piano concerts in 2010, both released in March of 2016.


About Harbour Market

Ogi Port Park is the site for Harbour Market and the free admission Fringe stage during the daytime, as in previous festival years. However, from 18:00 til 20:30 (approx.) during the Harbour Market Live concerts, an area of the Market will be accessible by wristband holders only. All concerts at Harbour Market Live are general admission and there will not be timed entry.
Wristband sales / pick-up: EC box office at Harbour Market
Wristband pick-up times: 9:00~19:30

*Your wristband is your proof of purchase. Please do not remove your wristband while inside the venue for the duration of the performance.

Tickets orders

Tickets will go on sale on June 16 (Fri) beginning at 9:30. For details, click here.