Experience Onidaiko & Indulge In EC: 4 nights/5 days monitor tour

Experience the folk art of onidaiko through staying in the villages where each form was founded. This year we offer a 4 night / 5 day plan. Immerse yourself in all of EC, then enjoy mingling with the local youth and immerse yourself in the authentic art of onidaiko in the lives of each village on this monitor tour.

Announcing the details for the monitor tour! This program promises to be a rare opportunity with a very special itinerary for a very special price. Please join us!

Date & Time

Aug. 17 (Thur) ~ Aug. 21 (Mon) 4 nights/5 days


39,800 yen per person (including tax)

[Fee includes the following]
Two-day pass to Harbour Market Live (Aug. 18 (Fri), Aug. 20 (Sun))
Ticket to Pre-EC Event Sado Takigi Noh Performance (Aug. 17 (Thur))
Participation fee for Onidaiko Workshop (including reception) (Aug. 19 (Sat))
Four nights accommodation on the island (Aug. 17 (Thur) ~ Aug. 20 (Sun) including 4 breakfasts)
Local transportation on the island (charter bus, taxi and 3-day Pass to EC Bus)


(1)Kasuga Onidaiko

(2)Minamikatabe Ontaiko

(3)Hamakawachi Onidaiko

(4)Niibo Onidaiko


August 17 (Thur)
15:20 Meet at Ryotsu Port or 16:00 at Ogi Port === Travel to Aikawa (charter bus)
Dinner (at lodging: Shikishimaso) === 19:00-21:00 Pre-EC Event: Sado Takigi Noh Performance === Return to lodging (Shikishimasou)
[Meals: breakfast x / lunch x / dinner O]

August 18 (Fri)
Breakfast (at lodging) Free time (You can use the 3-day EC Bus Pass. Spend the day as you wish.)
* Sample itinerary: Aikawa Ogi route bus 19:00-20:30 Harbour Market Live “Kodo x Testuya Kajiwara Special Band” === 21:00 travel to Aikawa (charter bus) === to lodging (Hotel Meoto)
[Meals: breakfast O / lunch x / dinner x]

August 19 (Sat)
Breakfast (at lodging) Free time (You can use the 3-day EC Bus Pass. Spend the day as you wish.)
* Sample itinerary: Aikawa Ogi route bus meet at Marine Plaza Ogi (Minamikatabe course meets at 13:30, Kasuga/Hamakawachi/Niibo courses meet at 14:00) ===Travel to respective destinations (large taxi) === 15:30-18:00 Onidaiko Workshop (at each respective destination’s venue) reception (at each respective destination’s venue) to lodging (Kasuga course: Maruka Ryokan / Minamikatabe course: Minatoso / Hamakawachi course: Kanemo / Niibo area: Ohana)
[Meals: breakfast O / lunch x / dinner O]

August 20 (Sun)
Breakfast (at lodging) stroll through the village (each respective destination) 11:00 travel to Ogi (by jumbo taxi from each destination_ === 12:00~12:30 arrive at Marine Plaza Ogi free time 19:00 Harbour Market Live “EC 30th Anniversary Celebration Concert” 21:00 travel to Aikawa (charter bus) === to lodging (Hotel Osado)
[Meals: breakfast O / lunch x / dinner x]

August 21 (Mon)
Breakfast (at lodging) === 10:00 depart lodging (by charter bus) === 11:30 arrive Ogi Port / Dismissal === 13:00 Arrive Ryotsu Port / Dismissal
[Meals: breakfast O / lunch x / dinner x]

* * * * *

[Suggested travel hints] Take a look at the Island Transportation Information and plan your travel to suit your own free time. Additionally, the EC Bus Free Pass is a very economical bus ticket that allows for all-you-can-ride on all EC buses (including liner buses, express buses, Ogi loop bus), street route buses, and the Aikawa tourist loop bus, during EC.


4 people per course


8 people per course


High school age and above. (Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.)

Tour Conductor

From each departure point to dismissal, there will be one tour guide from the Sado Tourism Association accompanying the tour.

* There will be no conductor accompanying the free time activities. For the Onidaiko Workshops on August 19 (Sat) there will be one guide for each village.

Reservation period

Reservations must be made by Aug. 12 (Sat).


Registration opens on June 16 (Sun). Details will be posted on this web page.

Reservations & Inquiries

Sado Tourism Association
Tel. 0259-27-5000
Fax 0259-23-5030
353 Ryotsuminato Sado, Niigata 952-0014 (Sado Kisen Ryotsu Port Terminal)

Reservations are accepted by phone or through this order form (*Japanese only), which should be downloaded, filled out and either mailed or faxed.