Pre-EC Event “Sado Takigi Noh Performance”

This special performance features dance choreographed by Kodo’s own Tomohiro Mitome and Yuki Hirata. Enjoy this profound, “Yugen” performance lit by the bonfires.

Date & Time

Aug. 17 (Thu) approximately 19:00-21:30 / House opens 18:30


Sado Aikawa Kasuga Shrine Noh Stage (Aikawa Orito, Sado)

Fee (all tickets general admission)

Adult 3,000yen (3,300 yen on the day-of), elementary, middle and high school students 1,500 yen (1,700yen on the day-of)


Kyogen “Yobikoe”

Classic Noh “Funa Benkei”

Dance “Shoujou Midare”


Reijiro Tsumura (noh)

Tadashi Ogasawara (kyogen)

Kaiji Moriyama, Naoya Homan (dance)

Kodo: Tomohiro Mitome, Yuki Hirata (taiko)

And others



Earth Celebration Committee

Tickets & Inquiries

Sado Kouryu Net

Tel. 0259-67-7995


Following the performance, there will be a liner bus departing Aikawa Kasuga Shrine at 21:30, stopping at Sawada, and arriving in Ogi at 22:40. (Reservations required.)

For details, please see the Island Transportation page.