Sado Island Local Food & Folk Performing Arts Tour

On this popular tour you will enjoy simple country cuisine and have your fill of fragrant soba noodles as you are introduced to a host of the folk performing art forms of Hamochi Osaki.

Date & Time

Aug. 19 (Sat) 11:30~14:30


Adult 4,000 yen, elementary school age and under 3,000 yen (includes transportation)


8 people


30 people

Meeting location

Marine Plaza Ogi Experience Sado Registration Counter
Getting to the site from the meeting location
A charter bus will be provided.


11:30 Meet and register at Marine Plaza Ogi
11:40 Depart Marine Plaza Ogi (by charter bus)
12:00 Arrive at Hamochi Osaki Community Center
12:00-14:00 Sample Osaki soba, local cuisine and enjoy performance
14:00 Depart Osaki (by charter bus)
17:03 Arrive at Marine Plaza Ogi, respond to survey, dismissal

Tour conductor

None. Tour will be led by on-site staff.

In cooperation with

Osaki Soba Association

What to bring (required)

Adjustable layers of clothing for varying temperatures


Please notify organizer of any food allergies when reserving tickets.

Ticket orders

Tickets will go on sale on June 16 (Fri) beginning at 9:30. For details, click here.