Harigoma & Noroma Puppetry Performance

Originating as a kyogen (traditional comedic theatre form) genre to be performed in between sekkyo ningyo puppetry acts, noroma ningyo puppetry is characterized by its humorous story-telling and is known to be one of the oldest forms of entertainment for the common people. It is now designated as a Important Intangible Cultural Property along with sekkyo ningyo and bunya ningyo puppetry forms. In Niibo, known for its rich puppetry traditions even within the island, there will be a double presentation of harigoma (a kadozuke-gei traditionally performed at the front gate to one’s home) and noroma ningyo.

Date & Time

July 22 (Sat) ~ Aug 13 (Sun) on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, including Aug 14 (Mon) for a total of 10 performance All beginning at 13:15~


Niibo Museum of History and Folklore, Sado
(952-0106 Sado Niibo Uryuya 492 Tel. 0259-22-3117)


Adult 500 yen, elementary & middle school 300 yen
* Includes museum admission (adult 200 yen, elementary & middle school 100 yen) in addition to noroma ningyo preservation fund.



Harigoma Club

[Noroma Ningyo]

Koei-za (Uryuya)

Suehiro-za (Katagami)

Shinsei-za (Nagaune)

Performance schedule & Program

*Every performance features a harigoma piece before the noroma ningyo program. All performances begin at 13:15.

July 22 (Sat) Koei-za “Sobabatake” (The Soba Field)
Juny 23 (Sun) Suehiro-za “Iki Jizo” (Living Saint)
July 29 (Sat) Shinsei-za “Gorinbotoke” (Five-ringed Buddha)
July 30 (Sun) Koei-za “Iki Jizo” (Living Saint)
Aug 5 (Sat) Suehiro-za “Sobabatake” (The Soba Field)
Aug 6 (Sun) Shinsei-za “Iki Jizo” (Living Saint)
Aug 11 (Fri/holiday) Suehiro-za “Iki Jizo” (Living Saint)
Aug 12 (Sat) Koei-za “Gorinbotoke” (Five-ringed Buddha)
Aug 13 (Sun) Shinsei-za “Sobabatake” (The Soba Field)
Aug 14 (Mon) All three companies perform!
1) Suehiro-za “Sobabatake” (The Soba Field)
2) Shinsei-za “Gorinbotoke” (Five-ringed Buddha)
3) Koei-za “Iki Jizo” (Living Saint)


Sado Tourism Association Tel. 0259-27-5000
Niibo Community Planning Council
Tel. 0259-22-3111 (Niibo Municipal Service Center)