Introduction to the Kodo Apprentice Centre “Dreaming of the Kodo Stage”

If the Kodo stage were a flower, then the curriculum of the Kodo Apprentice Centre would be what nurtures its roots. It is a crucial process that cultivates the musicians’ minds and bodies. This year, again, the entire second-year class of Kodo apprentices will participate in introducing the activities of the Apprentice Centre to the public. From details of their daily lives to the steps they are taking towards their dreams, and the progress of their rehearsals as they work towards performance – this one hour is sure to be brimming with the hopes and dreams of the apprentices. Come to cheer on the apprentices!

Date & Time

Aug. 19 (Sat) 10:00-11:00


Marine Plaza Ogi (EC Information Centre, 2F)


Free admission, no reservations necessary


50 approximately people


Kodo Cultural Foundation
Kodo Apprentice Centre Introduction video “Dreaming of the Kodo Stage”