About Harbour Market Live

Ogi Port Park, which is the venue for Harbour Market Live concerts is a natural theater on a seaside lawn near Ogi Port. With preparation, we hope you will fully enjoy all the different events taking place at Harbour Market Live and EC.

1) 8/18 (Fri) KODO & Tatsuya Kajiwara Special Unit x BRAHMAN is standing room only. Viewing from picnic blankets and folding chairs will be available only behind the main audience area.
2) 8/19 (Sat) Drums & Voices x KODO x Masakatsu Takagi “Yama Emi” and 8/20 (Sun) EC 30th Anniversary Celebration Concert will have audiences viewing from the lawn. Please bring your own picnic blankets. Viewing from folding chairs will be available only behind the main audience area.
* There will be no color-coded timed entry vouchers distributed this year.
* Camping etc. is prohibited at Harbour Market.
* Children age 3 and under are welcome.
* The concerts will take place rain or shine. However if the organizers deem that stormy weather could prove hazardous, the concert may be cancelled.

Changeover from the Fringe venue (free event) to Harbour Market Live venue (ticketed event)

14:00 Fringe performances end
• The area in front of the stand-by line (beginning in the middle of the audience seating area / indicated by signs) will be a No Entry zone in order to secure the stage transition.
• The area behind the stand-by line will be designated the waiting area (free entry and re-entry until 17:30)
17:30 Wristbands checked for those in the waiting area
•Guests without wristbands will be asked to exit the area.
•Beginning at this time, guests must enter and exit from the designated entrances at the back of the audience area. Wristbands will be checked.
18:00 Staff will instruct audiences to move from the waiting area to the front of the audience area.
19:00 Performances start.
20:30 Curtain (approximate time)
21:00 The area in front of the stand-by line (beginning in the middle of the audience seating area / indicated by signs) will be a No Entry zone in order to secure the stage transition.

About venue

You are welcome to sit directly on the lawn. However, you may find the following items useful:

Picnic blanket (the lawn may be damp from mist or rain)
Insect repellant (a must for outdoor performances)
Long sleeve clothing or shawl (even in mid-summer, the evenings can be chilly in Sado)
Raincoat (The concert will take place in rain or shine. To avoid inconveniencing audience members around you, please refrain from using umbrellas.)
Folding chair (To avoid obstructing the view of other audience members, folding chairs can be used only behind the main audience area.)

There will be a tent selling drinks and snacks (beer will be the only alcoholic beverage for sale.) Beverages can be brought into the venue; however to avoid any danger of broken glass, glass bottles, cups and glass tableware are prohibited inside the venue.
Please take your garbage home and/or cooperate with the separation of recyclables.

Pets are not allowed in the Harbour Market concert venue (service dogs are permitted.)

Please refrain from eating or drinking while walking or dancing inside the Harbour Market concert venue. Eat and drink in your seat.
Camping is prohibited in the Ogi Port Park.

After Harbour Market Live

The performances are scheduled to run 90 minutes.

Special buses to different areas within the island will depart at 22:00. This includes EC Liner Bus from Ogi to Ryotsu/Aikawa, and EC Special bus from Ogi to Subama (Subama~Ogi line). (See Island Transportation.)

On 8/19 (Sat) the Special Fringe Ogi Okesa Circle Dance is scheduled after the Harbour Market performance in the town of Ogi. Please join us!
Harbour Market will close at 23:00.

Refunds to Harbour Market Live in the event of cancellation

If the concert is cancelled before curtain, refunds will be issues. In order to receive a refund, please consult the flier “Refunds for cancelled performances” that will be distributed from the EC Information Centre after the cancellation has been announced.

* If the performance is canceled after it has begun, no refunds will be issued. Thank you for your understanding.
* If the performance is as scheduled, no refunds will be issued towards tickets due to transportation issues or delays. Thank you for your understanding.

Earth Celebration is an event that is made possible by the cooperation of countless people and with the understanding of the local communities. In order for everyone to be able to enjoy the festival fully and without any trouble, please read and follow the rules outlined on the “To All Earth Celebration Guests,” including ‘Regarding audio and video recordings,’ and ‘Regarding official cameramen and the press.’ Thank you for your cooperation.

Earth Celebration Committee
  • Kodo Village, 148-1 Ogi Kanetashinden, Sado, Niigata 952-0611, Japan
  • Tel. 0259-81-4100(Mon-Fri, 9:30-17:00)Fax. 0259-86-3631
  • Email: ec-info@kodo.or.jp