Harbour Market Live Concerts : Kodo Dance Night ~ CHAKKA FES ~


A live performance of a mixture of traditional, street, and club culture. Worldly known performers from different genres of performing arts will unite in Sado to transcend the boundaries of culture. Primitive and electronic. Soul and body. The frictional heat between these cultures will set a fire to the new era.

Party-lovers from Kodo: Shogo Komatsuzaki, Ryotaro Leo Ikenaga, and Koji Miyagi are planning a never-seen live performance inviting 8 special guests on stage. This new entertainment will feature taiko, street dance, acrobatics, electronic music, and so much more! All generations are welcome to feel and share this excitement.

Do not miss out on the opening night of EC. Dance and party hard in Sado Island to your heart’s content!


Date & Time

Aug. 17 (Fri) 19:00 start / 21:00 end (estimated end of performance) * Rain or shine.

Performance is in two parts. Part 2 is standing room only.


Ogi Port Park Harbour Market Special Stage


Advanced tickets on sale June 15 (Fri) at 9:30.
Adult (High school age and over) 5,000 yen, Children (elementary and middle school age) 1,500 yen (day-of tickets add 300 yen fee)
Harbour Market Live 3-Day Pass 13,500 yen (* 3-Day Passes are not available for children)

Preschool-age children may enter for free. No wristband is needed.



Music Director

Ryotaro Leo IKENAGA (Kodo)




Tatsuya Hasegawa (DAZZLE)

Shinji Arai (DAZZLE)

Takaya Sato (BLUE TOKYO)

Haruki Matsuda (BLUE TOKYO)

Yusuke Ishii (BLUE TOKYO)

Kodo (Kenta Nakagome, Maya Minowa, Shogo Komatsuzaki, Yuta Sumiyoshi, Koki Miura, Ryotaro Leo Ikenaga, Hayato Otsuka, Mizuki Yoneyama, Issei Kohira, Masayasu Maeda, Yuta Kimura, Yuki Hirata)

Guest: Michael Schack (Belgium/Roland)


1200 people (general seating)

Performer Bios


PInO debuted in 1992 as PINOCCHIO and received many awards in various contests, and later became as one of the members of an eminent Japanese house dance team, ALMA. He is the winner of numerous worldwide dance battles and contests, including France’s Juste Debout (2008), Japan Dance Delight (2008), France’s Cercle Underground (2012, 2016), Taiwan’s Ocean Battle Session (2017), Final House Dance Alive Heroes 2018. He has been acclaimed by international dancers and artists of all genres for not only his choreography and dance for m.c.A・T, TRF, Daichi Miura, TOHOSHINKI, and Crystal Kay, but also for his unique freestyle form that goes beyond the style. In the underground scene, he is known to perform over 100 shows per year as a dancer.  



Possessing boundless talent, Tatsuo not only exceeds in dance where his physicality shines but also thrives in music selection and staging. He is the leader of a dance team called Glass Hopper that launched its own original house style of dance. He has won countless top contests and battles in Japan and worldwide, in both solo and team categories. For some battles, he won as the first Asian champion include appearances in Germany’s Funkin Stylez, Czech’s Street Dance Kemp Europe, Italy’s The Week and France’s Cercle Underground. He is the grand champion of Dance@Live Final 2009 House. He was selected to be one of four judges for the 2014 Juste Debout, one of the world’s largest street dance battles.



Formed in 1996, this dance company has embraced an international aesthetic in its unique stage productions while maintaining its slogan to “fit and defy all categories with an ambiguous brilliance.” With a distinctive dance style that combines both street and contemporary dance, its masterpiece “HANA-TO-OTORI” has been presented in theater festivals worldwide and received many awards in Japan and abroad. In 2016, the company’s 20th anniversary performance “LINDO-RONDO” featured real time multiple endings selected by audience voting. In 2017, they created the immersive theater experience Tough the Dark; the premiere run and remount were both sold out. In 2018, they created The Lie of Pinocchio, based on the development of AI and the idea of a near future in which androids cannot be distinguished from humans. The company is always stirring up the dance world with its cutting-edge activities

DAZZLE / Official site

DAZZLE / Official Facebook page



Founded by Sakae Arakawa, the director of boys gymnastics at Yamada High School in Aomori, this company strives to “develop talent befitting professional gymnastics” by integrating boys gymnastics (events and education) with dance (art and culture.) With a vision to cultivate the spirit of athletes “from Aomori to the rest of Japan and the world,” the group members display the “blue” (ao) character of Aomori on their chests and moved the center of their activities to Tokyo in order to reach the world. Blue Tokyo is the world’s first boys’ gymnastics and street dance unit. Bodies highly trained as athletes moves in precision to music. This one and only entertainment company combines street dance with gymnastics in their highly artistic, dynamic performances.

BLUE TOKYO / Official site

BLUE TOKYO / Official Facebook page


Michael Schack

Drummer/Composer/Sound Producer from Antwerp, Belgium.
International touring solo artist and band drummer, especially since 2006 known as worldwide
top-electronic live drummer with Kate Ryan, Milk Inc. and since 2012 with Netsky (Live) and solo
at international drum festivals. Has been engaged with Roland Percussion R&D to co-produce
many innovative instruments since 2002.
At Earth Celebration Festival 2018, he will perform 100% live and play Electronic Music both solo
and in a joint performance with Kodo to show the most advanced V-Drums performance ever on stage.

Michael Schack / Official site

Micheal Schack / Official Facebook page

In cooperation with

About Harbour Market

Ogi Port Park is the site for Harbour Market and the free admission Fringe stage during the daytime, as in previous festival years. However, from 18:00 til 21:00 (approx.) during the Harbour Market Live concerts, an area of the Market will be accessible by wristband holders only. All concerts at Harbour Market Live are general admission and there will not be timed entry.
Wristband sales / pick-up: EC box office at Harbour Market
Wristband pick-up times: 9:00~19:30

*Your wristband is your proof of purchase. Please do not remove your wristband while inside the venue for the duration of the performance.

Ticket orders

Tickets will go on sale on June 15 (Fri) beginning at 9:30. For details, click here.

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