Ticket Reservations | Experience Sado Program & Sado Takigi Noh Performance

Tickets can be reserved through the Sado Tourism Association through the below methods.

  • Make sure to read over the “Instructions for Terms of Business” prior to your purchase.


(1) On-line Reservations

Please place your reservation through the “Order Form”.

Experience Sado Program

Sado Takigi Noh Performance

[Operating hours: June 15 (Fri) 9:30 ~ Aug. 16 (Thu)]

(2) Telephone Reservations

Please call the Sado Tourism Association.

Tel. 0259-67-7995 (Mon~Fri 8:30~17:30) *Japanese only.

[ Operating hours: June 15 (Fri) 9:30 ~ Aug. 16 (Thu)]

About payment, ticket and note to participants

(1) For on-line reservations

Payment can be made through on-line services (credit card, bank transfer). After payment is confirmed, you will receive your ticket and a note to participants (includes details about participating in the program) via email as a pdf document. Please print out both documents and bring them with you on the day of the event.

(2) For telephone reservations

The bank account number will be provided (by phone or by mail). We request your deposit to that designated account.

During EC

Last minute reservations and purchases will be processed at the Experience Sado Program Registration Counter at Marine Plaza Ogi. (Will-call ticket pick-up for Takigi Noh on the day of the performance will begin 30 minutes before curtain at the venue in Aikawa Kasuga Jinja. Please note that the numbers on the ticket reflect the order in which they were purchased;, and that they do not indicate the other of an entry.

About the Numbered Entry Voucher Distribution for Sado Takigi Noh Performance

All seats for the Sado Takigi Noh performance are general seating.
Numbered entry vouchers will be distributed beginning 16:00 at the venue.
Audiences will be permitted to enter the theatre in the order of their voucher.

About cancellations and wait list

・According to company cancellation policy, cancellation fee will apply for anything occurring 20 days or less prior to the event.
・Cancellation is logged as the time and date your call or email is received by the company.
・In an instance of a cancellation fee, please notify us your bank account information, and we will refund your money, minus the cancellation.
・If you have already received a ticket, we ask that you please discard it promptly.
・Please contact us via phone or e-mail for wait lists of programs that have reached its maximum capacity. We will contact you in the event of a cancellation.

Questions and Reservations

Sado Tourism Association
Tel. 0259-67-7995(Mon–Fri, 8:30–17:30)(Japanese Only)

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