Access & Lodging

Access & Lodging

Getting from the mainland to Sado

There are three gateways to Sado: from Niigata to Ryotsu, Naoetsu to Ogi and Teradomari to Akadomari. Please see this Earth Celebration tabloid for prices, reservations and information on boarding procedures, and be sure to check the most recent timetable. This year during EC, Sado Kisen is providing the following special ferry services to facilitate travel from Ryotsu and Ogi back to the mainland after the festival concerts.

Last Ferries after EC Shiroyama Concerts

Aug. 22, 23 Ogi Port 22:10 -> Noetsu Port 23:50(High Speed Car Ferry 1 hours 40 mins.)
Aug. 21-23 Ryotsu Port 23:00 -> Niigata Port 1:30(Car Ferry 2 hours 30 mins.)

About reservations for “Akane” Naoetsu-Ogi Route

All ticketed passengers on “Akane”, the new high-speed car ferry with service between Naoetsu and Ogi, will have seats on the ferry. Seats can be reserved two months in advance of departure date; reservations has already started for the period of Earth Celebration. On the day of departure, if there are any available seats, passengers may board without a reservation. However, due to the limited seats and to avoid confusion, we recommend reserving early.

 For reservations in English, please call the Sado Ferry Reservation Centre at +81-(0)25-245-6122 (8:30~18:00).

Special Jetfoil Service(Niigata Port—Ogi Port —Naoetsu Port)

In conjunction with Earth Celebration 2015, thee will be a special jetfoil route servicing Niigata Port — Ogi Port —Naoetsu Port . The jetfoil service enables guests to reach Ogi, the Earth Celebration main venue  from Port Niigata in 1 hour and 20 minutes, and additionally services the very convenient roundtrip from Ogi to Naoetsu. Reservations will be taken beginning Saturday August 1 by phone.

Operating Days Aug. 22 (Sat) and Aug. 23 (Sun)
Service Routes (1)Niigata Port   8:15 departure →  Ogi Port 9:35 arrival 
(2)Ogi Port 10:05 departure → Naoetsu Port 11:15 arrival 
(3)Naoetsu Port 12:45 departure → Ogi Port 13:55 arrival 
(4)Ogi Port 14:20 departure → Niigata Port  15:40 arrival
Capacity Each jetfoil trip is limited to 250 passengers 
*Reservations will close when maximum capacity is reached.
*If there are available seats on the day-of, passengers may board without a reservation.
Fare Adult 4,980 yen Child 2,490 yen (includes fuel cost adjustment fees)
*Niigata Port—Ogi Port , Ogi Port —Naoetsu Port each constitutes one ride at this fare.
Reservations Reservations will be taken beginning Aug. 1, 2015 by phone. 
*Reservations cannot be made on-line. 
*Passenger tickets cannot be purchased in advance.
Reservations and Information Sado Kisen Phone number: 0570-200310 Reservation line is open 9:30—18:00