To All Earth Celebration Guests


To All Earth Celebration Guests

The Shiroyama Concerts, EC’s main concert events, take place up on the hill in Shiroyama Park’s lush green surroundings. A star-filled sky and the chirp of cicadas complete this natural outdoor arena. Please come prepared for a great time!

About Shiroyama Concert

Shiroyama Concerts will be held in the event of rain, but if the presenter deems the concert cannot be held safely outdoors, the concert will be canceled. Please understand that performing members and performance times may be changed due to circumstances beyond our control.

Inside the Concert Venue
  • Shiroyama Park offers only free seating directly on the park’s lawn. These items will be useful to bring at the concert:

Seating (The lawn can get damp from dew or rain)・Insect Repellent (Necessities for an outdoor event!)・Long-sleeved Clothes (It may get colder on Sado even in summer.)・Rain Gear (Concerts will not be canceled in the event of rain. Please do not use umbrellas during the concert as they can block the view of the people sitting behind you.)・Folded Chair (Can be used only in the back area.)

  • Drinks and snacks are available at the refreshment tent. Bringing your own food and drinks into the concert venue is allowed, but please do not bring ANY glass containers. This includes bottled beverages and/or glass cups, etc.
  • Please take back all of the trash you brought with you and separate them by collection as much as possible.
  • In principle, Pets are not allowed in Shiroyama Park. Guide Dogs are welcome.
  • Please eat and drink only in the seating area, and refrain from walking and dancing around the venue while drinking.
  • Entry to Shiroyama Park is only permitted at the concert times. Camping is not allowed in the park.

Before Entering the Concert Venue

  • In order to make everyone enjoy daily events and make things smoother and safer, “Entrance Order Colour Cards” are distributed prior to each concert. Please go to the “Entrance Order Colour Card” page for further information. The “EC Guide” page provides the venue map and useful information around the area.
  • The path leading up to Shiroyama Park is extremely steep (166m long, average gradient of 21% ). Please wear sneakers or other comfortable shoes when making the trip up the hill.
  • For anyone who requires physical assistance entering the venue, a special shuttle is available. Please register ahead of time by calling the EC Committee or at the EC Info Centre during the festival. Please be sure to confirm the departure time of this shuttle as it is earlier than the venue opening time for the general public.
After the Shiroyama Concerts
  • The concerts will last approximately 2 hours.
  • Special buses depart 30 mins after each Shiroyama Concert. Please watch out to go down a hill and be sure to take the correct bus as there will be multiple buses departing almost at the same time.
  • There will be special fringe events after the concerts. Feel free to come!
  • At Harbour Market, lights will be out at 23:00 sharp every night and the last bus for Sobama Camping Ground departs at 23:00.
Ticket Refund for cancelled Shiroyama Concerts

We will refund the tickets for the concert canceled before it starts. Please read the “Ticket Refund Information for Cenceled Concert” notice which will be available at the EC Info Centre, etc. 
※No reimbursements can be made for a concert once it has began.
※As long as the concert is held, we will not make a refund.

Earth Celebration (EC) is made possible with the cooperation and understanding of countless people in the local community who lend their space, energy and talents to ensure that the festival is a safe and successful one. We want to make sure that everyone can enjoy a comfortable, accident-free EC. Toward the end, we ask that you please follow the guidelines outlined in the “EC Guide” page.

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