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EC Box Office(8/20-23)

From 8/20(Thu)to 8/23(Sun)tickets will be sold at the EC Box Office set up at Kisaki Shrine. Patrons will be able to purchase day-of tickets here, as well as pick up tickets purchased or reserved prior.(This Box Office will not be handling tickets for “Sado Takigi Noh Performance” on Aug 20(Thu). For day-of tickets to this event, visit the Kasuga Shrine.)

The EC Box Office is located at the entrance to the Shiroyama Concert venue(within the grounds of Kisaki Shrine). 8/20(Thu)13:00~17:00
Purchases at the EC Box Office can be made by cash or credit card.

Tickets available at the EC Box Office:

Shiroyama Concerts EC Theatre Seminar Workshops Explore & Experience Sado Island
Daily Ticket 2-Day or
3-Day Ticket
Student Ticket Children’s Complimentary Ticket
Advance tickets N/A
Rush tickets N/A *1 N/A *2
Pick up tickets reserved through Kodo Ticketing Service Until the day of the performance● *3 Until the day before the performance● *4
  • *1 Tickets available for the Shiroyama Concerts are one-day day-of tickets only. 2- and 3-day passes are only available in advance.
  • *2 Tickets to events at the EC Theatre, Seminar, and Workshops will be available for purchase at each venue only if the event has not been sold out in advance. Ticket availability status can be confirmed at the EC Box Office.
  • *3 The EC Box Office will close 30 minutes after the start of the Shiroyama Concerts.
  • *4 If you are planning to pick up tickets to events at the EC Theatre, Seminar, and Workshops at the EC Box Office, please come to the Box Office by the day before the event. If you are planning to pick up your ticket on the day of the event at the event venue, make sure that the ticket(s)has been paid for in advance of the event.
  • *5 Tickets to the “Explore and Experience Sado” programme will not be handled by the EC Box Office.(Visit the EC Information Centre for more information).
Inquiries Kodo Ticket Service
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