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Dance |Ogi Okesa(Full)

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Dance |Ogi Okesa


Passed down for generations on the island, Ogi Okesa is the original folk song on which the famous Sado Okesa is based. During the Edo period (circa 1600 to the mid 1800s), the town of Ogi flourished as a trade port where Kitamaebune ships that sailed the Japan Sea stopped in great numbers to load and unload both cargo and culture. The Ogi Okesa is thought to have evolved from Kyushu’s Hanya-bushi brought to Sado during that time and adapted by local Ogi geisha into a zashiki dance. After the Shiroyama Concert on the 23rd, come down the hill to find an Ogi Okesa dance circle starting in the streets. Join in and enjoy a special session of music and dance that you can only experience on Sado.

Instructor’s Profiles

Ogi Sazanamikai

Taking over for the Ogi Okesakai in 1973, the Ogi Sazanamikai was formed to preserve and carry on Sado Island’s folk songs. They primarily take part in local festivals and events, introduce these traditional arts to tourists, and provide instruction in folk songs. During peak season, you may sometimes hear the Ogi Okesa greet you as you get off the ferry, and find dancers at the island gateway welcoming tourists.

Workshop No.(3)

Date & Time Aug. 22(Sat)13:30−15:30
Venue Sado Island Taiko Centre(Tatakokan)
Participation Fee 2,000 yen
Requirements Open to age 7 & over
Capacity 20 people
Instructor Ogi Sazanamikai(Sado)

* Workshop conducted in Japanese only.

* Please wear loose-fitting clothing suitable for movement. If you’d like to wear yukata to the workshop, please your own yukata and come a little early to the venue. A changing room is available.

* From Aug. 21(Fri)through 23(Sun), there will be a shuttle bus service operating between the Earth Celebration Information Centre and the Sado Island Taiko Centre(Tatakokan).

  • To Tatakokan: The shuttle departs from EC Info Centre(Marine Plaza Ogi), 30 minutes before each workshop and seminar starts.
  • From Tatakokan: The shuttle departs from Sado Island Taiko Centre, approx. 20 minutes after each workshop and seminar ends.
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Please note Photography, recording and broadcasting(including video or audio recording via Ustream or other live broadcasting)during workshops is strictly prohibited. After the workshops, you may take photographs with the instructor and the other participants, but please be considerate to others when doing so.
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