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Wadaiko Theatre Fujimotomida 2015

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Wadaiko Theatre Fujimotomida 2015


One year since from their thunderous performance in Tokyo, Yoshikazu Fujimoto and Kazuaki Tomida will present their powerful taiko collaboration at EC. Join this dedicated duo for their exciting, moving taiko extravaganza!

Date & Time Aug. 22(Sat) Open 10:15 / Start 10:30
Venue Ayusu Kaikan
Participation Fee 3,500 yen(3,800 yen at the door)
Requirements Open to ages 7 & over
Ticket Orders
Please note Photography, recording and broadcasting(including video or audio recording via Ustream or other live broadcasting) during performances is strictly prohibited. Anyone found to be using recording equipment of any kind, including cameras, mobile phones, smartphones, audio recorders and computers, will be asked to hand over their equipment until the end of the concert and to delete any recordings. Please note that audience members who refuse to follow these rules or ignore staff instructions may be asked to leave the venue.
Performers Yoshikazu Fujimoto(Kodo), Kazuaki Tomida

Performers’ profiles

Yoshikazu Fujimoto

In 1972, Yoshikazu Fujimoto joined Sado no Kuni Ondekoza, and when the group became Kodo in 1981, he was one of the founding members. Since then, he has been the group’s featured O-daiko player and center-man for the Yatai-bayashi climax. Yoshikazu is presently Kodo’s most senior performing member. In recent years, he has played a large role in educating Kodo apprentices, and has begun conducting more and more workshops for the general public. No one in Kodo lives up to the name ”Children of the Drum” quite like Yoshikazu – his pure love for taiko is unparalleled. In 1998, Fujimoto was recognized with the award of inka-no-sho (proof of Dharma transmission) for his proficiency in the demon sword dance, Onikenbai, upheld by Iwasaki Onikenbai in Kitakami, Iwate. He became a Kodo Distinguished Member in 2012, and that same year was appointed by Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs to be a Cultural Envoy, teaching wadaiko in China.

Kazuaki Tomida

Born in 1957 on Awaji Island, he first encountered traditional Japanese instruments while a student at Yokohama Broadcasting Technical School(now Japan Institute of the Moving Image). In 1977, as he was on the path to becoming an actor, he was deeply moved by a wadaiko performance, and at the age of 20, joined Sado’s Onedko-za taiko troupe. Later he was a founding member of Kodo. In the summer of 1989, he left Kodo and Sado to study in China for four years. Upon his return, he rejoined the world of taiko. In 1995 he founded taiko union Uchigumi, and helped to found the ensemble Tokyo Dageki-dan. Since he left the group in 2002, he has aimed to create a new world of taiko experience through his solo performance Tori Otoko, the duo Wadaiko★Shinkigeki with Nobuhiro Kumagai, and Wadaiko Talk Saito with Eiichi Saito. He is currently leads the wadaiko workshops Taiko Ireland.

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