EC Guide


EC Guide

For all of our guests attending Earth Celebration, we have prepared this guide with information on what to prepare for, a map of venues and surrounding areas, and a list of useful services so you can enjoy your visit fully.

Preparing for the Weather

The sun on Sado in midsummer is stronger than you might think. You are likely to spend a lot of time soaking up rays at EC, so don’t forget your sunblock. You will also need a hat, and make sure you drink plenty of water while you are here to protect yourself from dehydration and sunstroke. While the days are hot, the nights can become suddenly cool, so make sure to bring some warm clothing for the evenings.

Concerts will not be canceled in the event of rain, so make sure to bring rain gear as well. Please do not use umbrellas in the concert venue as they can block the view of the audience members sitting behind you.

Around the venue

The main programs of Earth Celebration will be held in venues within Ogi. The map below provides details on the locations of venues, ATMs, bus stops, taxi stands, etc.

During the festival there will be Earth Celebration Information Centre, parking lots, temporary bus stops, Yamato delivery service satellites as well. Through the delivery services, it is possible to have your luggage delivered. Click on the icons in the map above for more details.

Places to Eat and Drink

There are plenty of places to eat and drink in the Ogi Shopping Arcade and at Harbour Market. Look for detailed info at the festival. Although there are a few supermarkets in Ogi, there is no 24-hour convenience store, and it takes about 10 minutes by car to the closest one “Save-on,” located in the Hamochi area.

Lost and Found

If you lose something while at the festival, or find something someone else has left behind, please stop in at the EC Information Centre. Please note that we don’t handle valuables at the EC Info Centre lost and found; all valuables (wallets, purses, etc.) should be taken to the police station just down the road.

Rules regarding photography, video and audio recordings

Audio and video recordings by audience members at Shiroyama Concert, EC Theatre, Workshop and Seminar venues are strictly prohibited. You are welcome to record and photograph the “Explore & Experience Sado” tours, the Harbour Market, and the Fringe stage; however please exercise discretion so as to not disturb other audience members.

However, at the request of certain fringe performers or staff members, photography, video and audio recording may be prohibited for a particular performance. Please follow the instructions given by staff at each location.

The Earth Celebration Committee accepts no responsibility for the usage of photographs or recordings of EC guests made by members of the public.

Photography by Official Photographers and Press

The Earth Celebration Committee has official photographers shooting the festival for archival purposes as well as for publicity and advertising for future EC events. Members of the press who apply in advance will also be taking photographs and covering the event.

Official Photographer: Black armband reading “KODO”

EC Committee Approved Press: Blue armband reading “Earth Celebration Press”

There are occasions when audience members and participants at the Shiroyama Concerts, workshops, and other locations will be photographed or filmed. Please note that some photographs by official photographers will be used by the EC Committee for publicity and advertising. If you do not wish to be photographed, please inform the photographer directly.

Please note

Earth Celebration (EC) is made possible with the cooperation and understanding of countless people in the local community who lend their space, energy and talents to ensure that the festival is a safe and successful one. We want to make sure we don’t disturb the peace in this community, and that everyone can enjoy a comfortable, accident-free EC. Towards that end, we ask that you follow the guidelines outlined below.

  • The consumption of alcohol and tobacco by minors is forbidden by law, as is the consumption of alcohol for anyone operating a motor vehicle. The possession of illegal substances is not tolerated at EC.
  • Refarin from playing drums and other instruments late at night in Harbour Market, the Sobama Beach campground, and in parks and public spaces in town. Please avoid having large parties in public spaces, drinking in excess, and engaging in any activity that might otherwise disturb those around you. In Shiroyama Park, you and your party may be asked to leave the venue if your behavior becomes disruptive to others.
  • EC Committee cannot be held responsible for any accidents, damage to property, or theft that occurs at any of the EC event sites. Be aware of your belongings and keep valuables with you at all times. EC Committee cannot be held responsible for any accidents, damage to property, or theft that occurs at any of the EC event sites. Be aware of your belongings and keep valuables with you at all times.
  • The number of trash receptacles in the Shiroyama Park concert venue and other EC events is limited. Dispose of all waste properly, and separate combustible, non-combustible and recyclable trash.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.