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Q1 Date(s) attended (check the appropriate box)  8/11(Tue)—16(Sun) 8/20(Thu) 8/21(Fri) 8/22(Sat) 8/23(Sun)
Q2 Event(s) attended (check the appropriate box) Pre-Events :
 Sado Takigi Noh Theatre Taiko Experience with Shinchan-sensei

Shiroyama Concerts:
 Kodo Night Honeymoon Shukusai / Celebration

EC Theatre:
 Fujimotomida 2015 Yukiai-Kiyohime

Workshops & Seminar:
 Let’s play taiko together Miyake Taiko Ogi Okesa Minami Katabe Ontaiko Oyako de Don Don Don (Parent and Child Taiko Experience) The Performing Arts & Spiritual Realm of Bali, Island of Gods

Exploring & Experience Sado Island:
 Sea Kayaking Experience Ogi Peninsula Bus Tour Sado Gold Mine Modern Industrialization Heritage Tour Schoolhouse Sake Brewery Tour & Sado Sake Tasting Homestay at a Farm House Osado Natural Giant Cedar Forest Trekking Homestay at a Farm House Standup Paddleboarding at Sobama Beach Discover the Sado Gold & Silver Mine & Aikawa Township(Trial Tour for Foreign Visitors) Sado Island Local Food & Folk Performing Arts Tour Walking in Ogi with Junko Tabei

EC Special Event:
 Slide Show & Talk “The Beginnings and the Future of EC” Exhibition “The history of Earth Celebration through Posters” Exhibition “Seitaro Kuroda and Kodo” “EC Curtain Restoration” Project

EC Related Event:
 The Town of Sado Social Club Music Together Workshops Photo Exhibition “Kiyohime on Sado Island” Chieko Kojima × Maiko Miyagawa

 Harbour Market Fringe

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Q6 Do you think you would you like to visit Sado at other times, not during Earth Celebration?  Yes, I do. No, I do not.
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Q7 What do you like about Sado Island?  Nature Food History/ Culture Local people Others
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