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Taiko | Let’s Play Taiko Together(Full)

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Taiko | Let's Play Taiko Together


Welcome beginners and experts, from any country, of any age! Everyone is welcome to this workshop led by Tatakokan’s Sammy-chan, who will show you a simple and fun way to play taiko. A unique experience to make some noise!

Instructor’s Profiles

Masami Miyazaki

Born on April 15, 1974 in Kumamoto Prefecture, Masami joined Kodo in 2001 as a performer, instructor and artistic director of Kodo’s concerts, school tours and workshops within Japan and abroad. Masami has an infectious, sparkly smile and her cheerful and whimsical personality has charmed many fans all over the world. Since she became a staff member at Sado Taiko Centre  in April 2014 she has hosted various workshops for the young and old with her usual vigor and exuberance.

Workshop No. (1)

Date & Time Aug. 21(Fri)10:00–12:00
Venue Sado Island Taiko Centre(Tatakokan)
Participation Fee 3,000 yen (includes drumstick rental)
Requirements Open to age 10 & over
Capacity 25 people
Instructor Masami Miyazaki(Kodo Staff Member)

* Workshop conducted in Japanese only.

* From Aug. 21(Fri)through 23(Sun), there will be a shuttle bus service operating between the Earth Celebration Information Centre and the Sado Island Taiko Centre(Tatakokan).

  • To Tatakokan: The shuttle departs from EC Info Centre(Marine Plaza Ogi), 30 minutes before each workshop and seminar starts.
  • From Tatakokan: The shuttle departs from Sado Island Taiko Centre, approx. 20 minutes after each workshop and seminar ends.
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  • This programme has reached its capacity.
Please note Photography, recording and broadcasting(including video or audio recording via Ustream or other live broadcasting)during workshops is strictly prohibited. After the workshops, you may take photographs with the instructor and the other participants, but please be considerate to others when doing so.
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