Exhibition: ‘Living, Learning, and Creating’

Produced by Yosuke Kusa of Kodo, “Living, Learning, Making” highlights the handmade instruments and stage mechanisms created by members and staff of Kodo. The traditional arts that reflect nature and the four seasons, as well as all the things that are felt and learned within daily life in Sado, go into the making of Kodo stage performances. This is an exceptional opportunity to take a closer look at the processes and innovations that are born from creating by hand. Presented in conjunction with “Ogi, the Town of Merchants: the Fan Market at Earth Celebration.”

“Hanten” pencil drawing: Yosuke Kusa

Date & time

Aug. 19 (Sat), 20 (Sun) 10:00~17:00 (free admission)


Tennanso (Ogi, Sado)

Exhibition details

Drawings, photographs, hand-made instruments, stage apparatus, furniture, daily goods, etc. by Kodo members and staff.


During the exhibition period, “Ogi, the Town of Merchants: the Fan Market at Earth Celebration” will take place around the exhibit venue. Please enjoy the exhibition alongside the historical town of Ogi.

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