The Fringe will take place again on a special stage set up at the Harbour Market. Let’s enjoy taiko performances, shamisen story-telling, dance, folk music and other genres of performance that can only come together at Earth Celebration! Are you dying to share your artistry? We welcome you! Thanks to the support from Asano Taiko and Instrument Shop, wadaiko rentals are available again this year. We heartily welcome taiko groups to perform on stage.

Date & Time

Aug. 18 (Fri) – 20 (Sun)

– 18 (Fri)
10:30~11:10 Toyo Miyoshi & Dioubate Family (Djembe)
11:10~11:50 cota (Acoustic guitar)
11:50~12:30 Special Fringe “khaki”

– 19 (Sat)
10:00~10:30 studio ujyama (Dance performance)
10:30~11:10 DAGEKIDAN (Taiko)
11:10~11:50 Masaya Combo Project (Jazz)
11:50~12:40 Special Fringe “The Electronic and the Primitive”
12:40~13:20 Singing Meditation KIRTAN Yoshiki Horita with Friends (Traditional Indian instruments, mantra, mediation)
13:20~14:05 Special Fringe “Salsagumtape”

– 20 (Sun)
10:00~10:40 Sama harit (West African drums and dance)
10:50~11:30 Feet on the Ground
11:30~12:10 Special Fringe “Yasukasu Kanou (shinobue) with Takafumi Imaizumi (guitar) Concert”
12:20~13:00 Sadrum (Bamboo drum, African drum, dance)
13:00~13:40 Wind Ensemble Sado (Wind instrument ensemble)


Ogi Port Park Special Stage