Children’s Art Workshops

These workshops will take place in a boating cottage tucked away beside Lake Kamo. These workshops are being designed as we study the natural wonders of Lake Kamo, art production and uses for scraps. Three pre-event planning meetings will be held prior to the date. We are looking forward to the participation of children who are interested in the workshop and building communities by the water.

Date & Time

Aug. 20 (Sun) 15:30〜17:00


Kamoko lake


Mitsuyo Toyoda (Center for Toki and Ecological Restoration(CTER), Niigata University)



In cooperation with

Earth Celebration Committee
Members of the Youth Committee, Sado Branch, Niigata Architects Association
Sado Island Galaxy Art Festival Project Executive Committee

Reservations & Inquiries

Environmental Systems Research Room, Center for Toki and Ecological Restoration(CTER), Niigata University
Tel. 0259-22-3885

Planning Meeting (1) June 13 (Tues) [this sessions has ended]
Making Art with Children ~ Explosive Creativity!

Time: 18:00~20:00
Instructor: Eimi Yoo (head of Little Community Lab)
Yoo founded the workshop that nurtured collaboration between children, local areas and artist in Goshoura, Amakusa. She worked as a specialist in an art museum and at a city consulting firm before she launched her own independent business. She now works as a coordinator and workshop planner for non-profits and local governments. She has built cooperative networks to enliven remote communities, and created the children’s workshop “Everybody’s Workshop” at the public theater in Suginami, Tokyo.

Planning Meeting (2) July 2 (Sun) [this sessions has ended]
Junk is Treasure! ~ Making Things From Scrap Wood

Time: 9:00~12:00
Instructor: Members of the Youth Committee, Sado Branch, Niigata Architects Association
Architects of Sado make up the Youth Committee of the Sado Branch of Architects Association. As an initiative to renew abandoned homes, the Association renovated one of the old homes in Ogi to become Hyogoya, a DIY shared space for public use. During summer vacation the group organizes woodworking workshops and classes for children to encourage reuse of old materials. By combining the skills of the architects and youthful imagination, the group works towards the preservation of local towns and stimulation of local areas.

Planning Meeting (3) July 22 (Sat)  [this sessions has ended]
Experiment: How to Support Nature in Lake Kamo

Time: 13:00~16:00
Instructor: Mitsuyo Toyoda (Associate Professor, Center for Toki and Ecological Restoration Niigata University)
At the Research Center for the Regeneration of Water Systems of Lake Kamo, Sado Island, which was founded in 2008, the motto is “everyone is a teachers and everyone is a student.” Toyoda designed this platform for people of various experiences to learn from each other. She has also launched programs to restore reed beds along the lake, and projects to invigorate coastal ecosystems that children and adults can enjoy alike. Her research is comprised of community-building efforts grounded in dialogue.