Sado Long Trail Tour (Ended)

Join us in walking the dynamic Sado Long Trail with views of mountain and sea! This tour for strong walkers will travel the trail on foot to fully take in the beauty of Sado’s mountain and sea. By journeying from the mountain to the sea, this mountain trail captures the beauty of Sado Island. This tour is appropriate for those who can confidently walk mountainous paths for long hours.



June 3 (Fri) ~ 5 (Sun) (option to arrive June 2)

Travel fees

June 3 ~ June 5 3 days and 2 nights 26,000 yen (early arrival June 2~June 5 4 days and 3 nights 35,000 yen) (This tour is a trial package tour; fees are about 7,000 yen less than normal)

Deadline to apply

May 20 (Thur) 2016 * The tour will be closed to applicants if it reaches capacity before deadline.


23pp (minimum 8pp)


Sado Trekking Association

Travel Sponsor

Sado Koryu Net Tel. 0259-67-7995