Seki Virgin Forest Trekking

In the northern part of Sado there are Japanese cedars that are over 500 years old. Within that area, there is a “virgin forest” which is home to giant cedars that are kings among the forest. Come experience the powerful energy of nature from the cedar forest that has survived the harshest winds and snows of countless winters.


Course Number


Date & Time

Aug. 27 (Sat) 15:00 ~ 28 (Sun) 16:30


18,000 yen





Meeting location

Marine Plaza Ogi ~ Experience Sado Program Registration Counter. From there to the site participants will be transported to the site by charter bus or taxi.

Itinerary Aug. 27 (Sat)

15:00  Meet and register at Marine Plaza Ogi

15:10  Depart Marine Plaza Ogi by charter bus or taxi

17:30  Arrive at Minshuku Kawaguchi

<Dinner, bath, evening social> etc.

Itinerary Aug. 28 (Sun)

06:30  Begin mountain trail (approx. 7.5 hours climb)

13:30  Begin descent, arrive in Seki village

14:00  Depart by charter bus or taxi

16:30  Arrive at Marine Plaza Ogi, respond to survey, dismissal

Tour conductor

None. Tour will be led by on-site staff.

In cooperation with

Sado Sourism Association, Sado EcoTour Guide, Minshuku Kawaguchi

What to bring (Required)

Mountain climbing shoes, warm clothes for mountain climbing, hat, water bottle (appropriate for climbing), toiletries, sleepwear, bath towel, clothing to wear at the inn


This program will be carried out in the case of rain; however in the case of stormy weather, the tour will be canceled by 19:00 of the previous day.

In the case of cancellation, participation fees will be refunded, minus the cost of casualty insurance.

The temperature at the top of the mountain can be lower than that at the base by 10 degrees Celsius. Please make sure to bring warm clothes and rain gear.

There is no cell phone service on the trek.

Participants may opt to meet at and be dismissed at the base of the mountain. (There is no difference in the fee)

Please notify organizers of any food allergies.