Standup Paddleboarding on Mano Bay

Standup paddleboarding is a popular marine activity that involves riding a surfboard standing up and using an oar to maneuver. Come enjoy the ocean at Sado.


Course Number


Date & Time

Aug. 27 (Sat) 10:00~12:00 / 14:00~16:00

Aug. 28 (Sun) 10:00~12:00 / 14:00~16:00


3,500 yen


Grade 3 and over (elementary school students must be accompanied by an adult)




5pp per session

Meeting location

Sawata bathing beach (in front of Guesthouse on the Bi-ichi)

Participants will walk from the meeting location to the program site.

Itinerary Morning Sessions

10:00  Meet in front of Sawada bathing beach parking lot (on the Aikawa side)

11:00~12:20  Standup paddleboarding

12:30 Return to Sawata / Kubota Campgrounds respond to survey, dismissal

Itinerary Afternoon Sessions

14:00  Meet in front of Sawata bathing beach parking lot (on the Aikawa side)

14:00~15:30  Standup paddleboarding

15:30 Return to Sawata / Kubota Campgrounds respond to survey, dismissal

Tour conductor

None. Program will be led by on-site instructor.

In cooperation with


What to bring (Required)

Please wear or bring a bathing suit and clothing that can get wet over it, sandals (shoes that can get wet), hat, towel, drink, and change of clothes.


This program will be carried out in the case of rain; however it may be canceled due to marine conditions.

Participants will be going in the ocean so please wear a bathing suit or clothing that can get completely wet.

Participants will be able to use showers at a comfort facility on Sawata bathing beach, about 500m away.

Sawata bathing beach provides showers (100 yen per minute for hot water) and changing rooms.

There are no coin-operated lockers; participants are responsible for their own valuables.